The Colors of Coffee

* It is a cooperative project with Aura 微光 Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan.


'The Colors of Coffee' attempts to visualise delicate coffee flavours to make the coffee lovers enjoy speciality coffee better by helping them distinguish subtle flavour differences in various coffee beans via visualisation.

The flavour of each coffee bean is defined by a Q Grader ── the owner of Aura 微光 Coffee. The basic 36 flavours is referenced from the popular Coffee Flavour Wheel. Initially the color on the Coffee Flavour Wheel is also referenced, but the final color is extracted from realistic photos.


Since the target audience is more like general coffee public, the most of time is spent on choosing a right form for the end image. To be more specific, the most challenge would be how to represent distinguishable 36 colours and distinguishable visualisation results of various coffee beans.

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The animation is more like a side product due to the use of the particle system for creating an dynamically balanced image, which resembles the world of flavour

This project is still evolving due to the fact that other factors related to coffee tasting ,e.g. time, temperature could be also involved in the future development.

Thanks to Aura 微光 Coffee, this project is also exhibited in Tamper Tantrum Live in Taipei, one of the biggest coffee event for coffee professions in Taiwan.